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4 Ways To Disagree With Your Boss Without Getting Fired

ways to disagree with your boss

In the workplace, there will usually always come a time where you just don’t agree with what your boss is saying. It could be something minimal like a photo in one of your email newsletters to your customer list. Or you encounter a bigger issue for example, the procedures your Human Resource team uses for onboarding new employees to your company.

Regardless of the size of the issue, you want to feel confident enough to step up and give your input, even if it’s not your department. The thing is, there’s the right way to voice your input and a wrong way. The key is making sure you don’t go with the wrong way and lose the opportunity to have your opinion heard.

Do It Privately

The worst thing you can do is confronting your boss in the spur of the moment when others are around. Your objections towards your boss is no one’s business but your own, and if you want the best chance to have his/her undivided attention, do it privately in their office or when no one else is around.

Make Sure You Know All The Facts

First rule in arguing, facts trump all. Most of the time, your boss or supervisor is in their position because he or she has more experience or information than you do. If you’re going to disagree with your boss, you need to be 100% sure that you have the facts to back up your statements.

Take the time to conduct some research and be sure you’re position comes from one who is informed, engaged, and can prove what they are saying is, in fact, the right way. For instance, going back to the HR reference above, if you’re unhappy with how the HR team is onboarding its’ employees, one thing you can do is start surveying new and present employees about their on-boarding experiencing with the company. And then once you gather that data, you can present it to your boss in the event of a disagreement.

Rejection Will Happen & It’s Ok If It Does

Most likely you or someone you know has had a horrible work story about how demanding and controlling their boss was. Sometimes no matter valid or good your opinion is, some bosses have a very “Me” mentality and that can quickly make someone feel intimidated to share their thoughts.

With these type of bosses or supervisors, it’s best to understand that not everyone is going to agree with what you’re saying no matter how many facts you put in their face. The only way to handle these type of bosses are; Just come to terms that your boss will reject your ideas if they don’t align with his or search for other employment opportunities.

Verbal and Non-Verbal Language Is Huge

It’s completely normal for bosses to demand a level of respect, so if you’re going to disagree with them, do it in a professional and polite manner. Make sure you acknowledge their ideas and opinions, and then present yours as an alternative. The trick is to give your input in question form so it doesn’t sound like you’re demanding anything.

For example, rather than saying “I think we should change HR onboarding”, try this instead, “What do you think about changing our HR onboarding procedures?” With a question, your boss will still feel a sense of control and authority, but you could end up with the result you wanted.

Just because they are your boss doesn’t mean they’re 100% right, all the time. You have ever right to voice your opinion and disagree with your boss, just make sure to follow the steps above when you do so you don’t risk losing your job trying to get your point heard.

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